We specialize in working with churches.

With five years of experience on a church staff and over 40 churches as clients, we understand the unique challenges churches and ministries face every day.

We get the church.

We know your church is unique and that no two churches are the same. What works for one church may not work for the church next door. Whether you’re a traditional church or on the cutting edge, we get to know your church’s personality before starting to work.

Web Design

We have solutions for whatever your budget is to ensure your church has a great website. Whether it’s a custom design or a low-cost option, we can hook you up with a great website.

Logo Design

Your church logo is the main visual representation of your church. We offer branding packages for your entire church and for individual ministries.

series artwork

The teaching series is the centerpiece of the weekend service. With packages starting as low as $200, you can have great images to help brand each of your series.

Graphic Design

Whether it’s invite cards for a special service,a promotion for an event coming up, or signage or any kind, we can help you communicate it in a way that stands out.

Want to hear from others?

Thoughts from happy cHURCHES

Chris Jessen


Two Rivers Church
Chattanooga, TN

CaroneDesigns has been an incredible asset in making us look much better than we really are. Their graphics are exceptional and are catered to the vision God’s given us.

Most importantly – they gets US. And they’re able to translate our personality and vision into our graphics and website.

Kyle Mercer

Kyle Mercer

Two Cities Church
Winston-Salem, NC

Church planting is hard. Getting you message out in a loud world can be brutal. This is why CaroneDesigns has been so helpful for us. By working with them we were able to streamline our entire process. They created a logo that embodied our vision and mission and designed a website that was sharp and user friendly. I am grateful for CaroneDesigns and plan on working with him in the future.

Les Phillips

Les phillips

Sevier Heights
Knoxville, TN

With two church campuses and multiple ministries, it was important to make sure each of our websites had a consistent modern look, while at the same time being useful to each of their target audiences. CaroneDesigns provided what we needed. Not only were they patient during the design process, they were fast and efficient when it came to meeting deadlines.

We’re based out of Knoxville, TN.

WE WORK WITH CHURCHES all around the world.

Our mantra.

These aren’t simply big ideas. Everything we do is with this in mind.

Be nice.

You already have enough headaches with everything else going on in your world. You don’t need another headache from us.

Our promise to you is that we’ll provide the best customer service possible for you. We know you’re constantly trying to provide the same to your church members. We want to give you that same courtesy. Our goal is for you to get to the end of the design process having enjoyed it.

Work hard.

You’re working hard at your job so it only makes sense we do the same.

Our promise to you is to work as hard and as fast as possible to provide you with the best possible design for your church. There are parts of the creative process that take time, but that doesn’t mean it should take forever. Whatever your turnaround time needs to be, we can work together to make that happen. Our goal is for you to be impressed with not only the final product, but also the work it took to get there.

Help people.

Whether you know it or not, what you really want is probably different than what you think you want.

Our promise to you is that we’re not going to simply provide you with a product and leave. We will work with you to come up with the best solution to your unique problem. Once we determine the solution, we’ll work together to implement that solution and make sure it looks incredible. Our goal is to help you do church better in whatever way that looks.


We love them and think you will too.

We’d love to hear from you!

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Office Hours: Monday-Friday: 9:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.

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