We make raising money easier.

When you have the right tools, motivating people to donate money to your organization becomes simple.

Campaign Messaging

Having the right words to say makes it easier to connect with donors and move them to action.

Marketing Materials

Whether it’s fundraising emails or physical marketing collateral, we create what you need to reach your fundraising goals.

Ongoing Coaching

Fundraising campaigns are fluid and require knowing how to shift as the needs change. We walk with you through the entire process.

Fundraising is hard.

Even the best fundraisers will tell you asking people to give their hard-earned money to an organization is never easy.

But if you can connect with what your donors want, you can motivate them to donate the money you need to help accomplish that goal.

We bridge the gap between your needs and your donors wants so you meet your fundraising targets.

Our church was presented an incredible opportunity, but it involved raising money. Past capital campaigns had left many of our people with a bad taste in their mouth. CaroneDesigns helped us develop the messaging that connected with them, alleviated their concerns, and motivated them to give to the opportunity.

Johnny Pereira; Lead Pastor, Salem Chapel

You could do your fundraising on your own.

But you probably shouldn’t.

Most people are too close to the needs of the organization to fully grasp what the donor wants from the fundraising campaign.

Here’s the pitch:


We develop messaging to connect with your donors.

The right words in the right tone will inspire your donors to give out of generosity, not obligation.


We create the marketing collateral you need throughout the campaign.

Whether it’s donor-focused emails, print materials, or even a campaign specific website, we create everything you need to support your fundraising efforts.


We’re with you through the entire process.

Once you have the messaging and materials you need, we shift into an advisory role to ensure you always have someone walking with you until your campaign is complete.

Many of the organizations we work with have to embark on fundraising campaigns. CaroneDesigns has become a trusted tool in our toolkit for helping them develop the messaging needed to raise money.

Todd Milby – Managing Partner, Catapult

Who we work with:

Mission minded non-profits

Community organizations

Development foundations

Schools & universities

Athletics programs


If any of those are you, you owe it to yourself to see how we can make your job easier.

Getting help with your fundraising is simple.

It starts with a call.

1. You schedule your free consultation

Spending money to raise money might feel a little scary. On our call, we’ll talk through your goals, show you how we can help, and let you know exactly what it’d cost.

2. We get to work

We develop your campaign messaging and any other marketing collateral you need to meet the goals of your fundraising campaign.

3. Celebrate your success

Once we’re done, we’re going to celebrate with you as you reach your fundraising goals.

Hi. I’m Jonathan.

I started CaroneDesigns back in 2014 with a desire to help businesses, ministries, and nonprofits make a bigger impact.

Originally that was through websites and graphic design.

Then I learned pretty websites and great looking graphics aren’t enough on their own.

It’s the messaging that matters most.

Over the years, we have seen over and over how having the right words has helped all sorts of organizations reach their goals and impact their community.

We want to do the same for you with your fundraising.

We combine the right words with incredible designs to help organizations like yours raise money through effective fundraising.

The goal has always been to help people. If we can help you, we’d love to talk with you more about what that looks like.