Website Pricing 

There are four pieces to every project:


Messaging + Strategy

This is a series of 2-3 Zoom calls with you. The goal of these sessions is to nail down the message framework we’ll use throughout your new website and determine what all you’ll need on the new site.

I start here because we need a great plan before we can build a great site. Most websites are ready, fire, aim and they end up bloated.

The first call is going through the StoryBrand framework. The second is looking at your current site, seeing what pages you need to recreate, what can be eliminated, and how we want the site map to work for the new site. Then the third call is wireframing the homepage together. I’m a giant believer in collaboration and while there are some things we need to include, getting your input on how we lay that out makes a better site.

I sent over a proposal for the remainder of the site (Design + Copywriting) after the second Strategy Call.



Website Design

(Up to 10 pages)

The cost of the website design portion of the project is $5,000 for up to 10 pages.

Anything more than those ten pages – including custom directories, eCommerce, or other custom functionalities – would be an additional cost.

$2,500 – $5,000+


The writing phase has tons of variables in it to determine price. What makes my sites perform so much better than a normal website is the investment into copywriting that most organizations skip over.

If you want to do your own copywriting then you can choose not to add this in as part of the project.

$495 – $1,500/year

Web Hosting

Website hosting includes security features, speed enhancement, data backups, software updates, and the comfort that if something breaks, I’m here to fix it. Again – not something that’s required, but something I offer.

I don’t usually give a full, official quote for the design and copy writing until we’ve completed the Messaging and Strategy Sessions.

What I’ve learned is it’s not fair to you or for me to base a quote on xx pages when we don’t really know if we need that. Usually we end up needing more or less than what we guess which ends up with you paying too much or me not getting paid enough, most often you paying too much.

Once we do the messaging and strategy, we’ll know exactly what we’re wanting to create so I can give you an exact quote on what the build out phase will cost.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!