Hey. Jonathan here. The text below is the legal-ese we’re required to put on websites now.

Essentially, I use Google Analytics to track how often people look at this site and what they’re looking at. This helps me learn about what products and services to offer.

I use Gravity Forms as my contact form. Your entry will be emailed to me and a backup copy will be saved on the server just in case something happens. Backups are a good thing. If you’re buying a product (SEO Tune Up, One Day Website) through a form, those forms take payment using an integration with Stripe.

I use ActiveCampaign for my newsletters and email campaigns. If you sign up on those forms, it just connects to that service. I’m not doing any of the super in-depth marketing that will email you the second you leave the site. I literally just want to send you emails once per week to help you. Nothing sketchy here.

To schedule a call, I use Calendly. If one of those calls includes payment, the payment is taken using Stripe with your data protected by their services.

Also – there ain’t no chance I’m selling your data. That’s shady as all get out and I hate businesses who do that.

Now for the required stuff:

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