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Anyone can put together a case study with fancy words and marketing speak. But what really matters is what the numbers say.

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As a start up non-profit, Field Life knew what they wanted to do but not how to tell people about it. We partnered together to craft their brand message to both donors and their target audience and then wove that messaging throughout their entire website.


How I Helped

Website Design
Brand Messaging

Our Work Together

In early 2019, I was approached my two former missionaries who had noticed a problem: while there were tons of organizations sending missionaries into the field, finding on-going support and care while being in the field was next to impossible.

So they wanted to provide a solution.

The problem was they didn’t know how to take a complex issue and communicate it in a way that made people want to pay attention. We worked together to craft their message in a way that resonated with the missionaries they were trying to help and the donors they needed in order to operate their organization.

Once we nailed down the messaging, we created a very simple, user-friendly website that helped navigate people through their entire story.

Mission Focused Language

The message we crafted for Field Life was centered around the people we were trying to reach. It wasn’t about their vast experience – although that was important – but rather how they could help missionaries in need and how donors could help fund what they were doing.

Brand Awareness

For this project, I partnered with my good friend Emily Mills who created Field Life’s overall branding. Once that was created, we worked together to weave the different elements of the brand throughout the entire website.

Internationally Compliant

Knowing they’d be reaching people from all over the world, we made sure our forms, opt-ins, and website were GDPR compliant and able to be accessed no matter where someone was located.

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