Sevier Heights

Knoxville, TN

By The Numbers

Anyone can put together a case study with fancy words and marketing speak. But what really matters is what the numbers say.

  • 47% Growth in website views
  • 29% growth in organic search
  • 41% increase in new users
  • 12% Drop in bounce rate


Sevier Heights is a church with more than 6500 members located in Knoxville, TN. In 2019, they went through a pastoral transition and successfully merged their two campuses back into one. I’ve worked with them on yearly revamping their family of websites since July 2016.


How I Helped

Website Design
Digital Strategy
On-site SEO


Total Views


Mobile Views

Our Work Together

In the summer of 2016, Sevier Heights was going through a transition period. They were bringing in a new Communications Director and knew their family of websites needed a refreshed look to go along with the rebrand they were launching.

We immediately began working together to create a cohesive look across all four of their websites. At the time, the church had two campuses as well so we navigated the complexities of multiple campuses who each had their own sets of unique needs and challenges.

Over the course of the relationships, we’ve refreshed the site each year to keep up with design trends and to adapt as the needs of the church adapted. We successfully worked through a pastoral transition and the combining of their two campuses in 2019 while keeping the church informed of the processes as they were happening.

Throughout the pandemic in 2020, we constantly adapted to provide live-streaming options and keep the church informed as things changed throughout the year.

Data Based Design

Everything we do on the Sevier Heights website is backed by how the data shows us people are using the site. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible to get to the things they care about.

Mobile First

With over 70% of the traffic to the website coming from mobile devices, we designed everything to work perfectly on mobile devices.

Visitor Focused

The goal for these websites wasn’t to make the church look as great as possible. Rather, we worked to create a website that served the needs of the people coming to the site.

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