Most organizations should not have to pay thousands of dollars to show up on Google.

Sure – some niches need more work that requires a bigger investment, but most can see great results just by doing the basics.

We can help with that.


The SEO Tune Up has gotten small businesses to rank on Google in Brooklyn, Charlotte, Nashville, and other large cities.

Churches & Ministries

One church was quoted $2,500 for SEO work. The SEO Tune Up had them ranking second on Google in two days.

Marketing Agencies

Want to add value to your website projects? Let’s Talk about how the SEO Tune Up can help.

Sure, you could do it all yourself.

But you shouldn’t.


Your time is expensive.

You shouldn’t waste it on something you aren’t great at.


You have better things to do.

You shouldn’t put other valuable things on the back burner when we can do it for you.


You'd have to learn what to do.

We’ve done this for others. We can do it for you.

The SEO Tune Up worked for:

(Yes, it worked for us, too.)

The SEO Tune Up works best for organizations who:

have a specific niche they want to rank in

are trying to rank in a specific location

have a website built with WordPress, SquareSpace, Webflow, or Wix

have had a website on your domain for more than 12 months

If three of those apply to you, we can help.

The SEO Tune Up worked in:

Brooklyn, NY

(population: 2.6 million)

Charlotte, NC

(population: 2.2 million)

Nashville, TN

(population: 1.3 million)

Fort Worth, TX

(population: 958,692)

Knoxville, TN

(population: 478,971)

Winston-Salem, NC

(population: 385,523)

Spartanburg, SC

(population: 335,864)

Surprise, AZ

(population: 149,191)

Highland, CA

(population: 57,159)

It can work for you, too.

Our promise to you:

If you aren’t ranking on the first two pages of Google for your keyword within a month of Google indexing your site, we give you all your money back. No questions asked.

It’s time to start ranking better on Google!

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