Have questions about StoryBrand?

What is StoryBrand?
StoryBrand is a marketing framework created by best-selling author Donald Miller. He took his years writing books and movies and developed a 7-step framework to help brands tell a clear and compelling story. Their goal is to help you revolutionize your marketing, connect with people, and grow your organization.
What is a StoryBrand Certified Guide?
The StoryBrand Framework helps companies grow, fast. A StoryBrand Certified Guide ensures you’ll receive marketing advice and collateral that gets results for your business.
Are Certified Guides employed by StoryBrand?
I am not a StoryBrand employee. In fact, I made a significant investment to have the StoryBrand team train me to help people like you better implement the principles taught within the StoryBrand framework.
Can you teach my organization the StoryBrand framework?
I can not teach you the StoryBrand framework. As part of our agreement with StoryBrand, Certified Guides exist to help you implement the framework once you’ve already read the book, taken the online course, or attended the live workshop.