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Brown Bag

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Catering Focused

While each Brown Bag location is open for lunch in their restaurant, the business is built around their catering. We designed their website to put catering first but still allow customers to know their hours and locations for lunch.

Customer Friendly

The biggest question Brown Bag gets asked is what makes their simple menu so special. To answer that question, we made sure to have the menu front and center with pictures describing what every item was.

Representative Brand

As we developed the Brown Bag brand, we were intentional in keeping everything as simple as possible to represent the food and experience customers would have in their interactions with Brown Bag. There’s nothing flashy with their business – just deliciously simple food.

We have worked with Jonathan since the earliest stages of our business and view him as an integral part of our team. He has always helped us find what is best for our company as we grow and face new challenges. His professionalism, quality, and timeliness make CaroneDesigns a true pleasure to work with.

Peter Brown

Founder, Brown Bag

Our Work Together

Brown Bag Restaurants originally started in Peter Brown’s kitchen as a healthier catering alternative to what was on the market. Ten years later, they’re a hugely successful business that has five open restaurants across three states.

I originally partnered with Brown Bag in 2016 to update their logo. They knew they’d be adding knew stores and wanted to “move up from the kiddie table” and have a brand that looked grown up and represented where they were going.

After creating a new logo for them, we built out a brand new website for them that emphasized online ordering and made it extremely easy for people to find the information they needed.

As they’ve grown and scaled as a company, I’ve been right next to them helping them with website updates and print designs for each new location.

How We Helped

  • Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Visual Identity

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