People will judge your business on  how it looks. 

Your logo and branding will determine how professional they think you are.

If you don’t  look professional  customers will think you’re an amateur.

It’s not fair, but that’s the world we live in today. We all make instant judgments based on the professionalism of how a company looks.

You could have the best product in the world, but if people think it looks cheap, they’ll never pay you what you’re worth.

Look The Part

Position Your Business

Make More Money

Getting your message out in a loud world can be brutal. By working with Jonathan, we streamlined our entire process. I am grateful for him and plan on working with him in the future.

Kyle Mercer
Lead Pastor, Two Cities Church

Not only does Jonathan do excellent work, he really invests himself into our projects and cares about the success of my clients. If you’re looking for a partner who sticks to deadlines, pays attention to details, and wants to help you win – hire Jonathan.

Kyler Nixon, Kyler Creative

We have worked with Jonathan since the earliest stages of our business and view him as an integral part of our team. He has always helped us find what is best for our company as we grow and face new challenges. His professionalism, quality, and timeliness make CaroneDesigns a true pleasure to work with.”

Peter Brown, Brown Bag

Developing your visual identity is the backbone for everything you communicate.

It might feel like it’s just choosing fonts and colors, but it all ties together.

Do you want to be perceived as professional or laid-back? Accessible or elite? Modern or timeless?

Each one of these decisions goes into creating a beautiful, cohesive visual identity for your brand.

And if you add great brand messaging to an attractive visual identity?

That’s simply unstoppable.

Past Logo Designs:

You could use a cheap design service.

But you  probably shouldn’t. 


Your time is expensive.

Holding a cheap designer’s hand will cost you more time than what you pay the cheap service.


They don't know the right questions to ask.

Cheap design services take your idea and run with it. They don’t partner with you to refine your idea to the best it can be.


Cheap design isn't custom.

The dirty secret of cheap design services is they take pre-made templates and adjust them to what you want. I start from scratch and create something custom for you.

From our first meeting, Jonathan was honest, knowledgeable, communicative, and reliable. I’m very happy with our brand messaging, and even more with how easy it was to work with Jonathan in getting it up and running.

Eamonn Cottrell, Cups Espresso Cafe

As a young and growing brand, Jonathan helped us achieve a cohesive brand message with a sales driven focus. His knowledge extends beyond design and he is able to quickly hone his abilities to get the job done. I highly recommend Jonathan as a talented marketer who is fully committed to the success of our company.

Meredith Layton, Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

Jonathan has been an incredible asset in making us look much better than we really are. Most importantly – he gets US. And he’s able to translate our personality and vision into our messaging, logo, website, and marketing.

Chris Jessen, Two Rivers Church

Making more money is simple.

It starts with a  phone call. 

Schedule A Call

We start with an exploration call to make sure we like each other and that I’m the right fit for your specific needs. If I’m not, I’ll help you find the person you need.

Get To Work

You provide some basic info for me to build on and I get started creating a beautiful new visual identity for your business, church, or nonprofit. 

Make More Money

Your new visual identity will position your business as a leader in your industry and give customers the confidence they need to give you their money.