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Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

Marketing As Great As Their Pies Taste


Growth in Email Subscribers


increase in online order page visits


Growth in Organic Search

Customer Centered Marketing

Our goal wasn’t to talk about how great the pies were (and believe me, they’re delicious). Instead, our messaging was centered around how Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop could make their customers’ lives less stressful and more fulfilling.

A Cohesive Look

With shops across multiple states, we worked to make sure the customer would experience the same look and feel no matter where they came across a Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop.

Franchisee Focused

The hardest part of operating a franchise system is making sure each of your franchisees is equipped to have the most success possible. We implemented systems throughout the marketing to help the franchisees have everything they needed to be successful.

As a young and growing brand, Jonathan has helped us achieve a cohesive brand message with a sales driven focus. His marketing knowledge extends beyond design and he is able to quickly hone his abilities to get the job done. I highly recommend Jonathan as a talented marketer who is fully committed to the success of our company.

Meredith Layton

Founder, Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop

Our Work Together

In July 2017, Buttermilk Sky Pie Shops were coming off a season of growth. They had eight (8) shops open across the Southeast and were preparing to open even more.

One of the key pieces holding them back from where they wanted to go was a cohesive visual identity with a website to match it. Our first project together consisted of taking their existing logo and creating a new style guide around it that could be implemented into all of their marketing.

Once the style guide was completed, we tackled updating their website and launched a new one in October 2017. From website launch through June 2020, I partnered with them to create all in-store print marketing, write and execute their email campaigns, consult on marketing initiatives, and maintain their website. Their growth was so exponential that I was able to successfully hand them off to a full-service marketing agency to better serve their growing needs and continue their success.

Buttermilk Sky Pie Shop has grown to 20 open locations with many more set to open within the next year.

How We Helped

  • Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Visual Identity

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