A New Direction For NewThing


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Focus on Global Regions

NewThing has partnered with leaders on five continents in 40 countries. We focused on telling their stories and getting people involved in the local regions.

Diverse Representation

Being a global network, we knew the importance of representing men and women from all corners of the earth. We made sure to include photos and stories of all people, not just Americans.

Language People Can Understand

If we were going to reach people across the globe, it was important to simplify the message so people could understand it across cultural lines.

Our Work Together

As they came out of the pandemic, NewThing was in need of new messaging and a new digital strategy. One of the biggest problems they faced as telling the stories of what was happening throughout their global regions across the world.

Partnering with Catapult, I led a three-part Messaging + Strategy Session where we developed a new, cohesive message that could spread across the entire organization, created a plan for what their new website needed, and wireframed their homepage together so that it would truly reflect who they are.

Once the plan was created, I got to work writing brand new copy while creating a website that fit their already established visual identity.

How I Helped

  • Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design

Agency Partner

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