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Student Focused

Every piece of copy was focused on helping the potential student understand how this online school was designed differently in order to help them get the training they need.

Course Centered

We created a custom directory to display every single course that was offered in a way that was filterable by program, semester, and course type.

Integrated Everything

Each person who uses the website will use it in a different way. Because of this, we made sure the courses, faculty, and program directories were all integrated and worked together to show all the information a potential student might need so nothing fell through the cracks.

Our Work Together

My longterm white label partner, Catapult, was working with a client who was launching an online seminary. They needed help with their message, how to lay out the user experience on the website, and building out the actual site.

I stepped in as a member of the Catapult team in order to create a seamless project. We started with Messaging + Strategy Sessions where we developed the language their client would use throughout all their marketing, created a plan for what pages and integrations were needed on the new website, and wireframed the homepage together.

After the Messaging + Strategy Sessions, I wrote the copy for the site and built out the entire design. At the center of the website is a combination of three custom directories (Courses, Program, Faculty) that are all integrated together to make sure all the relevant information is displayed in each place so the potential student gets everything they need.

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How We Helped

  • Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design

White Label Partner

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