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Every culture needs a common language


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A Common Language

We created a simplified, common language that would be used throughout all the ministries in the church.

Story Focused

Nearly every page of the website features a story of someone who has experienced what the church is telling people they can help with.

Empathy is a Super Power

Knowing walking into a new church can be scary, I crafted all of the copy to be empathetic and understanding to what the person reading it might be experiencing.

Jonathan helped us develop language that would communicate our unique church culture to the average person - both inside and outside the church. In addition to that language, he gave us the framework we needed to effectively convey everything we do moving forward.

Johnny Pereira

Lead Pastor, Salem Chapel

Our Work Together

Salem Chapel was coming out of a trying season. Their new leadership team had been building a new culture within the church and were ready to turn the heat up on it.

With their mission, vision, and values in place, we worked together to create a common language that allowed the normal, everyday person to understand what the church was about. At the center of that language was the phrase “experience how Jesus makes a difference in your everyday life.” That simple phrase began to be woven throughout all of their ministries to eliminate silos and create a cohesive ministry strategy.

On top of the internal communications, the new language allowed Salem Chapel to begin to tell the people of their community what made them different in a city full of churches.

How We Helped

  • Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Video Script Writing

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