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Mobile First

As a church with a large millennial presence, Two Cities website traffic is nearly 65% mobile. Because of that, our most recent designs have started with the mobile user experience in mind first and then developed the desktop experience after.

Visitor Focused

With Two Cities more than doubling in size over the past year, we worked to make everything a new visitor would need readily accessible within one-click once they visited the website.

Attender Friendly

While the website needed to be visitor focused, it also needed to serve the needs of those already attending Two Cities Church. We made sure the information a current attender of the church needed for events, giving, and small groups was easily found once they visited the site.

Getting your message out in a loud world can be brutal. By working with Jonathan, we streamlined our entire process. I am grateful for him and plan on working with him in the future.

Kyle Mercer

Lead Pastor, Two Cities Church

Our Work Together

In November 2016, the lead pastor of Two Cities Church contacted me to help get his new church up and running on the internet. At the time, he had only a name and vision for the church, but no logo, website, or marketing collateral.

The first thing we tackled was their logo. We worked through many iterations of ideas before landing on a design that fit the mission and vision of who Two Cities Church was going to be.

Once the logo was created, we worked up a basic landing page to tell people the church was coming. We also built out a prospectus to help with fundraising for the new church.

In the years since, Two Cities Church has moved into their own building, added multiple services, and are now pulling in over 1,000 people each and every weekend. Their website has grown with them as we’ve updated it yearly to keep up with design trends and the needs of their church.

How We Helped

  • Messaging
  • Copywriting
  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design
  • Visual Identity

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