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Custom Directories

My client needed a customized map directory, e-commerce support, and other technical details outside of their expertise. I was able to build them out as part of the project so they came off as the perfect solution for their client's needs.

Project Management Included

I assumed a role on their team for this project and managed the details throughout the website build, allowing them the time to do things they were better at and enjoyed more.

Profit Driven

I arranged the project pricing to make sure my partner was making the margins they needed to ensure it was a profitable partnership for them.

I need partners who bring amazing results at a price that still leaves me margin to stay profitable. Jonathan has allowed me to focus on what I do best and serve even more clients with the help they need.

Evan Cox

Our Work Together

Evan Cox had a potential project come to him that would be profitable but was outside the scope of the services he offered himself. That’s when he called me. We worked together to come up with a great plan and a price that ensured he made the money he needed to make without any extra headaches.

Because of the nature of the project, I acted as a part of his team. We set up an email address for me within his agency and everything I did was under his umbrella so that Evan Cox Consulting got all the credit. It’s also why the logo and URL of this project is nowhere in this case study. The project belonged to him, not me.

With white label projects, you get all the credit while making great margins and freeing yourself up for the work you want to do.

How We Helped

  • Digital Strategy
  • Website Design

White Label Partner

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