Helping you communicate to your church better.

I help you craft your message and digital strategy in a way that reaches new people and grows your church.

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You are telling the greatest story ever told.

But people are busy. And there’s a lot going on within the life of your church.

How do you break through all the noise to reach your church?

I work with churches of all sizes to help clear up your messaging and communications strategies so your work actually connects with your church and moves them to action.

How we’ll do it.

Craft your message

We’ll discover your church’s unique calling and craft your messaging around it.

Create a strategy

With your new message at the center of the story, we put together a strategy to attract new visitors and move current attenders to action.

Connect with your audience

We implement your new strategy to grow your church and connect with your audience better than ever before.


Solving Problems

Sometimes you don’t have the budget to bring someone like me in to help your church. I get that.

But I still want you to have success.

That’s why I started the Solving Problems podcast. It’s all about how you can implement StoryBrand in your communications to reach more people and grow your church.

Want to hear from others?

Thoughts from happy churches.

Donna Buice


Jonathan truly captured who we are as a church. His skill in working with us and help in moving us along to completion was so appreciated. Our new website looks fantastic. We couldn’t be happier!

Kyle Mercer

Kyle Mercer

Two Cities Church

Getting you message out in a loud world can be brutal. This is why Jonathan has been so helpful for us. By working with him, we were able to streamline our entire process. I am grateful for Jonathan and plan on working with him in the future.

Chris Jessen

Chris Jessen

Two Rivers Church

Jonathan has been an incredible asset in making us look much better than we really are.
Most importantly – he gets US. And he’s able to translate our personality and vision into our messaging, website, and marketing.

Are you ready to start connecting with your audience?

It’s time for people to start listening to what you’re telling them.

Let’s create something that will connect with your community and move them to action.